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Jodi Chart

Panel Chart

What is Panel Chart In Satta Matka Game?

The Matka game depends on the number of between 0-9, every game in Matka gives two numbers of pairs each pair has 3 digits, and the Matka guesser will do a calculate between the 2 pairs of the numbers. the final result of the analysis is called Jodi.

Panel charts play a significant role in storing the past result, panel chart store the past result From date To date, with 7day's game result with Jodi and pair. However, this panel chart helps so much to guesser to predict the next game result based on the panel chart.

What is Jodi Chart In Satta Matka Game?

The Jodi chart has a big relation with the panel chart, the two-digit number in the Jodi chart comes from the panel chart's final result of the calculation.

The Jodi chart is the easiest chart than the panel chart, the Jodi chart store only the final result of the Satta Matka game. However, Satta Matka's guesser predicts the next result by using the Jodi chart because of Jodi chart is easier to understand.


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